Python is an easy to learn programming language for beginners. It was designed in 1989 by Guido Van Rossum. There are wide applications of python in present time some of which include web designing, game development, app development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, software development, business-level application and much more.

The python code is easy to read and also has an interactive shell into which you can enter your programs and see them run. It is an interpreted language, which means the source code is executed line by line. This makes it easier to find out an error.

Python supports both object-oriented and functional programming features. It can model real-world data, also as a functional language, it focuses on functions (code that can be reused).

A Python code written for a Windows machine or a Linux machine can also run on iOS, and vice versa. So, Python eliminates the need to write different code for different machines.

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