Tigers are currently listed as endangered. There are only around 3,900 tigers existing in the wild compared to 1,00,000 tigers at the start of 20th century. Tigers love water and are fantastic swimmers. Tigers are so powerful, they can take down prey weighing up to five times their own body weight. Tigers are solitary animals. They almost always travel alone. Individual tigers roam across large areas of land, which are called thehome ranges. Body They weigh about 100–300 kg and grow 4–10 feet long. They have super soft pads on their feet, so they can move soundlessly when stalking prey. A tiger’s tail is around 3 feet in length. It is mainly used for balance. A tiger shows it is relaxed by letting its tail hang loosely. If a tiger is feeling aggressive, it will rapidly move its tail from side to side or hold it low. Tiger roars are powerful and can travel long distances (they can be heard as far as 3 km away). Cubs are born blind and do not open their eyes until about

The Biggest Challenge or Opportunity Kids Today Face

Our world is changing dynamically every day. Every aspect of life is changed except our education system. This poses a lot of challenges such as lack of quality education, outdated syllabus, lack of talented teachers. The biggest challenge that kids face today is our education system itself. The education system still believes in age-based grading (K to 12 methods) and focus on academics in a rat race method. The “One size fits all” approach followed in most schools is considered inappropriate by many experts as some children are good in art, some are good in science, some are fast learners some are slow learners. Also, the old passive method of teaching eg. lectures doesn’t interest the tech-addicted students. Memorization of facts is given more importance than understanding and critically analyzing. Irrelevant education in relation to the job market is creating more unemployment. Amongst all these challenges, yet there is an opportunity and that is technology. The growing technology


21 st century skills is the term used to denote certain core competencies such as digital literacy , collaboration , critical thinking , problem-solving abilities that one should learn to survive in today’s world. The previous education systems focussed on memorizing facts, little importance on skill, and learning passively. The 21 st century learning offers an opportunity to synergize contents and skills. It fosters creation of individuals who are risk takers. Some of the 21 st century skills include creativity , critical thinking , problem solving ability , collaboration , communication , information literacy , media literacy , technology literacy , flexibility , leadership , initiative, productivity , social skills . For change is inevitable, any industry is bound to change with new ideas and technologies. The importance of these 21 st century skills lies in the fact that these skills enhance the ability of an individual to adapt and enact change. Therefore the present gen


Spending time online is great fun! Here are a few simple rules to help kids stay safe and keep the internet a great place to spend time: Never give out your real name - don't use it as your username. Never give out any of your personal details. Never tell anybody which school you go to or how old you are. Never tell anybody your password except a parent or a guardian. Be aware that you must be 13 or over to create an account on many sites. Always check the site policy and ask a parent or guardian for permission before registering. Always tell a parent or guardian if something is worrying you.


A digital citizen is a person using information technology (IT) in order to engage in society, politics, and government. It refers to the responsible use of technology, computer, the internet, digital devices. Let us discuss the importance of being a digital citizen in this short write up. Today in these pandemic times, many children use a computer, access the internet for school and other activities. Therefore, it becomes important to teach our children to protect their personal data, balance and control their data use, communicate kindly with others over social media. It is important to educate our children about the possible harm over the internet eg; cyberbullying, irresponsible social media usage, scams, viruses. Some of the aspects that a child needs to be taught while using social media are: Good online behaviour: Through media platforms, one can communicate with known or unknown people who are distantly placed. During such an instance there is a possibility of communica


Programming fosters creativity, reasoning and problem solving. The programmer gets the opportunity to create something from nothing, use logic to turn programming constructs into a form that computer can run. It also develops problem solving abilities by identifying the the problem when something is wrong.


Across the globe, the pace of digital transformation is accelerating. It is redefining traditional industry sectors and the way we live and work. For example, few years ago, one had to go to a restaurant to eat the food of his choice, thanks to digital technologies now one can sit back on his couch and order his delicacies from the restaurant of his choice to be delivered at his doorstep that too in just a click away. Until 1980’s there were hardly any televisions in every house, now each individual can watch his favorite shows in his convenient time in his place of choice. All these changes have taken place in a very short span of time. This clearly indicates the future to be more advanced and challenging for the generations to come. What do researchers say about the need to cope up with this transformation? A new report by the World Economic Forum, Realizing Human Potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, highlights that the present education systems are failing


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